Marsart has successfully developed a non-invasive TDCS hat that achieves 3 core features:

  • Montage Variability  (from conductive snap button locations inside hat lining)

  • Brain Wave Pulse Rate Variability  (using PWM on Arduino nanos)

  • Safety to Use  (through gradual voltage control)

This rechargeable prototype is versatile for montages; the two snap buttons at the back connect any two (among 10+) contact points inside the hat. These allow a montage to be set into place as they rest above the desired brain regions.




Transcranial Direct Current Concept Art 

Transcranial Magnetic Prototype 

Marsart is developing non-invasive  brain augmentation both free to rebuild and safe to use. TDCs and TMs are two fields of health which aim to raise baseline alertness, productivity, attention span, learning, positive habit entrainment, insightful problem solving, and other qualities to explore and awaken.